About Us

We are in service since 2014, the solar energy sector in national and international standards and regulations that meets the needs of our partners around the world into consideration when determining the boundaries of design and engineering designs and most effective of the projects we produce.

Systems design and implementation stages, minimum without compromising on the design parameters of the system according to the demands of investors to reduce costs and anticipating potential problems in advance will be experienced during the implementation phase, we are designing and implementing effective systems in producing solutions.

The project uses all opportunities provided by technology and by producing new technologies, the needs of investors, that meets quality service and occupational health and safety in the foreground, with its young and dynamic staff innovative and industry leading company, we are continuing our activities.

Thousands of MW of solar power plants in our projects as expressed to us with experience and knowledge in the sector we are among the indispensable companies in minimizing the cost in a short time. All you have ever worked with large-scale and small-scale projects from beginning to end of the project has been provided consulting services free of charge and fully ensured customer satisfaction and our projects are still underway.